All Sectional Training Meetings will take place from 10am – 3pm.
There will be two training sessions (10am-12noon and 1pm-3pm), you may attend one or both.
Sectional Trainings are open to anyone, however if you want contact hours you must be an active member or be prepared to pay the $40 annual membership fee on-site.

Northeast Sectional Training

February 8, 2018 – Neuse Regional Water & Sewer Authority
2811 Barrus Rd, LaGrange NC 28551

Session 1
10:00am – Control Valves
12:00noon – Lunch Provided/Business Meeting
Session 2
1:00pm – Water Age Management
2:00pm – Flushing Programs

4 Credit Hours Available

We need an accurate count for the caterer!
Please RSVP by February 1st
Yama Jones at or call 252-202-5963

Please remember to bring your certification cards and NCWOA membership cards


From Elizabeth City 
Turn left onto N. Hughes Blvd./US 17 S. Continue to follow US-17 S. for 63.05 miles
Turn right onto east Blvd./US-17 S.(.72 miles)
Turn left onto Washington St./US -17/US 13 Bus.
Continue to follow US-17 S/US 13 Bus S. (1.29 miles)
Turn right onto W. Bear Grass Rd. (8.25 miles)
West Bear Grass Rd. becomes Cherry Run Rd. (0.97 miles)
Tum right-onto Sheppard Mill Rd.(0.41 miles)
Sheppard Mill Rd. becomes Bear Grass Rd. (4.16 miles)
Bear Grass Rd becomes NC -903 (7.71 miles)
Turn left onto N. Memorial Dr./ US – 13 S/NC-11/NC-903. Continue to follow NC-11 (29.66 miles)
Stay straight to go onto Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd./NC-55/NC-11 Continue to follow NC-55/NC-11 (2.16 miles)
Tum right onto E. Vernon Ave.INC -11 Bus. Continue to follow E. Vernon Ave. (7.00 miles)
E. Vernon Ave. becomes US Highway 70 w./US-70 W. (0.17 miles)
Turn left onto Kennedy Home Rd. (0.92 miles)
Turn slight right onto Barrus RD (0.04 miles)
2811 Barrus Rd. LaGrange NC, 2811 Barrus Rd

From Rocky Mount:
Start out going south on S. Franklin St/US-301Bus S toward Chester St. (0.23 miles)
Take the 3rd right onto Raleigh Rd/NC 97. Continue to follow NC-97 (13.23 miles)
Merge onto I-95 S. via the ramp on the left toward Wilson (6.94 miles)
Take the US-264/I-795 S. Exit 119 B-A towards Goldsboro/Raleigh/Wilson (0.24 miles)
Keep left at the fork in the ramp (0.34 miles)
Merge onto US-264 E. via Exit 119A toward Wilson /Greenville/Goldsboro (4.71 miles)
Merge onto I-795 S via Exit 43C towards Goldsboro /Kenly (18.44 miles)
Merge onto US-70 Byp E. via Exit 22 towards US-117 I Kinston (15.64 miles)
US-70 Byp E. becomes US-70 E/US highway 70 W (6.74 miles)
Turn right onto Harold Sutton Rd.
Turn left onto Barrus Rd (0.6 miles)


May 10, 2018 – Currituck County
Topics: Security, Tank Care & Maintenance, Chlorine Gas Safety

August 16, 2018 – Tyrell County
Topics: TBD

October 9, 2018 – Greenville Utilities Commission
Topics: Filter Construction & Assessment, Backwashing Techniques

Please RSVP to Yama Jones at (252) 202-5963 or

Future Meetings

For more information contact Yama Jones at (252) 232-6061 ext 6061.