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Regional Utilities Project Manager

Job Description: Work in house with local owners who have long term perspective to directly manage the life cycle of acquisition, fix, expand, operate, and hold income producing assets. Seeking a smart, problem solving Senior Site Utility Project Manager with 5 years field utility experience + 5 years planning / zoning interface experience across multiple jurisdictions. We are rapidly acquiring 15-20 new mobile home communities annually across NC, OH, PA, MD, VA, ETC. Role must simultaneously manage 6-12 small remote infrastructure projects (avg $200k each) across a multi-state region while also working with the owner on due diligence of new acquisitions and a wide variety of special projects. Successful candidates must be detail oriented multi-tasker capability of solving open ended problems and creative value engineering. This leadership position has 2 required skills: 1) proven ability to screen, hire, and manage remote civil engineering firms for infrastructure projects (sewer connections, water line replacements & repairs, WWTP projects) and 2) managing zoning / planning processes to enable the expansion of our mobile homes parks. Job includes unique opportunity to work directly with both the owner as well as our in-house site work team (2 crews and all equipment) to deliver streamlined project timelines through direct control. We’re rapidly growing and diversifying into other real estate sectors which allow this person to work on a variety of projects. This is high growth, high energy working environment with opportunities for advancement. Some travel might be required for specific projects but that will be self scheduled / flexible.
How to Apply: send resume for confidential consideration to

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Operator 1- Hampstead / Jacksonville Area

Job Description: Operates and maintains water and/or wastewater treatment equipment, ensuring compliance with state and federal environmental protection limits.
Monitors and samples well and groundwater upon entry to the system. Adjusts treatment levels when below-standard variances are detected. Samples water
prior to exiting system.
Detects and reports atypical conditions, such as: damaged, malfunctioning and tampered meters, detecting and reporting leaks, high/low consumption, exposed wiring and other safety hazards. Conducts ongoing repairs to equipment, or shuts down equipment for more extensive maintenance and repair, activating alternate equipment as needed.
Requests services of outside maintenance vendor for major repairs and overhauls.
Activates pumps, valves and other processing equipment to move water through various treatment processes. Disposes of waste materials removed from water in line with Company procedures and government controls.
Assists Lead Operator with emergency procedures in the event of overflow or spill of chemicals or unpurified water. Follows safety protocol.
Adds chemicals to water by predetermined formula. Advises Lead Operator when minimum inventory levels of these materials have been reached.
Reads and interprets meters and gauges on central control panel, or at individual machines or stages in the treatment process. Adjusts controls as needed. Retrieves computer reports on treatment process.
Prepares reports and maintains logs on meter readings, tests, chemical and equipment usage, and all other recordkeeping requirements; maintains various
Company records and other reports as required by the state.
Back-washes filters and basins; handles chlorine in a safe, effective manner; assures proper working order of chlorine-related equipment.
Cleans and maintains treatment plant, pumping stations and wells; prepares and paints equipment, walls and floors.
Ensures regulatory compliance and adherence to Company policies and standards.
Maintains a safe working environment and reports safety concerns to Area Manager.
Constant, independent travel daily between worksites on Company time.
Must work On-Call in rotation as scheduled; responds to emergency situations as required 
How to Apply:

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Job Description:
Supervises operation of the water plants including the purification plant and the alum sludge facility, pumping stations and raw water reservoir; Monitors plant operations for special conditions, circumstances or changes in operation; Prepares a variety of periodic reports pertaining to plant operations; Inspects equipment for proper operations and necessary repairs; Operated facility when required; Ensures compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements; implements all State and Federal rules and regulations; designated operator in responsible charge (ORC); Ensures compliance with plant safety procedures; Maintains plant records; payroll and leave records; Trains plant personnel on the appropriate operations, laboratory, maintenance and safety procedures; Schedules and assigns work to operators; evaluates the work performance of employees; Orders chemical and supplies; Conducts laboratory tests as necessary; interprets test results and makes necessary adjustments to plant operations; Performs related tasks as required or assigned.
Experience Required:
REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, equipment and methods used in water treatment and pumping operations; thorough knowledge of the occupational hazards connected with water plant and related activities and of necessary safety precautions; general knowledge of chemistry as applied to water purification; ability to adjust water pumps, chemical feed machines and other water plant equipment; ability to check the operation of equipment and to detect defects in operation; ability to make accurate readings, to keep routine records and to make arithmetical computations; ability to follow instructions in both oral and written form; ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of plant personnel. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Graduation from high school supplemented by training in chemistry and bacteriology and extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment in a water treatment plant; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a valid N.C. driver’s license. Possession of a Grade A OR GRADE B Water Treatment Certificate or ability to obtain such; must be able to respond to plant emergencies within 30 minutes.

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Water/Wastewater Operator

Job Description: Performs operation of the water and wastewater treatment systems. Duties of Maintenance Worker as needed and time permits with priority given to operation of the wastewater system. Possession of NC driver’s license and a Grade 2 Biological Wastewater Treatment Operator certification required. Must be willing to obtain Grade 1 Collection System certification along with C-Well and B Distribution certification. Must have a minimum of 2 years experience in wastewater operation and general maintenance. Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Position open until filled. EEO employer with a comprehensive benefits package. Population 882.
How to Apply: Applications available in job vacancy listing at Return by mail to PO Box 429, Cleveland NC 27013 or email to
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Job Description: Cary is a community of nearly 170,000 people, nearly 60 square miles and is a community dedicated to excellence. Cary is a thriving community in the heart of the Triangle area of North Carolina, between Raleigh and renowned Research Triangle Park. The Triangle area is repeatedly ranked among the top regions in the country to live or work, to find a home or start a business, to raise a family or retire.
Money Magazine named Cary, North Carolina, the hottest town in the East and one of six Hottest Towns in America. Cary was also recognized by Money Magazine as one of the Best Small Cities in America, ranking an impressive fifth on one of the magazine’s annual lists of Best Places to Live. As noted in several major publications, Cary’s accolades are numerous.

This is a non-rotating, 12 hour shift (midnight – noon), including nights, weekends and some holidays
Performs responsible technical and skilled work in the operation and maintenance of a water treatment plant including sampling and analyzing, regulating processes and equipment, and participating in both preventative and corrective maintenance programs.
Work is performed under the regular supervision of the Water Treatment Plant Facility Supervisor and/or the Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor.
(This is a generic class specification that pertains to mechanic/operator – I, II, Senior and Master. The duties of each level may be similar but differ in the level of difficulty or the experience needed to perform certain duties. The duties of the higher classifications may be considerably more technical and complex. The water treatment plant has put into place a career ladder that describes the criteria required to meet each of the levels within the career ladder. Employees working in this class may be primarily assigned to maintenance or operations. Regardless of the area of assignment, all employees in this classification are expected to operate the plant in a regular of fill-in capacity. The duties listed below are described as being typical of maintenance and operations.)
Typical Tasks


Performs regular preventive maintenance such as greasing moving parts, changing oil, checking amperages, and overall visual inspections of equipment and related parts;
Participates in performing corrective maintenance procedures such as changing bearing in screen pumps and motors and repairing the wiring harness and connectors; packs pumps, changes belts, replaces shear-pins, etc.;
Retrofits plant equipment, structures, plumbing and electrical systems;
Performs maintenance on fiber optics and Ethernet network; performs maintenance on the ozone system, Captor chemical system, and lagoon dredge;
Installs and maintains security systems and cameras;
Performs maintenance on elevated storage tanks and valve control vaults;
Collects data from preventative maintenance program and takes corrective action as required;
Troubleshoots electrical and mechanical problems; checks blueprints, electrical schematics, manuals, etc. to determine problems;
Maintains safe working environment;
Provides assistance to other maintenance/operations technicians;
Performs skilled mechanical and electrical work in high stress, high danger situations for themselves and co-workers;
Provides technical support to install, troubleshoot, and repair control systems such as PLCs, telemetry and SCADA;
Assists in training of other staff (higher level mech/operators);
Maintains on-site vehicles;
Performs maintenance on elevated tanks and valve control vaults in Cary and Apex;
Performs carpentry, painting, masonry and welding work;
Assists in ordering, delivery and inventory of materials and supplies;
Performs dismantling and overhauling of all chemical feed pumps and vertical raw pump;
Performs maintenance and repair of stand-by generators;
Performs major overhaul of treatment equipment;
Performs installation of new equipment and structures;
Maintains records on plant maintenance;
Operates equipment for landscaping or maintenance needs as required;
Performs other job-related tasks as required.

Makes hourly tour of plant and checks and documents gauge readings and calibrations; adjusts chemical feed rates through the computer; checks meters and pumps for proper functioning;
Collects raw water sample daily from raw water pump station;
Calibrates meters that tie into the SCADA system;
Runs hourly lab tests checking for pH, CL2, residual, turbidity, maganese, alkalinity, CO2; records lab paperwork;
Maintains plant security through video surveillance, physical checks, and electronic lock system;
Monitors production of ozone; makes sure all units are on and working properly;
Observes tank levels and line temperature levels of liquid oxygen tanks;
Monitors three pressure zones for leaks, pressures and flows;
Monitors bulk and day tank for adequate supply of sodium thiosulfate;
Collects samples for laboratory analysis; makes chemical catches to verify feed rates;
Performs algae enumeration test counting and specifying different types and species algae;
Performs specific laboratory tests; records results;
Monitors operation of the plant through the use of the computer;
Maintains records of plant operations;
Off-loads chemical deliveries;
Performs routine cleaning and maintenance of building and grounds;
Makes minor or emergency repairs;
Reports equipment operation problems to maintenance personnel;
Performs other job-related tasks as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Thorough knowledge of the operating characteristics and maintenance requirements of a water treatment plant; thorough knowledge of electrical and electronic systems; thorough knowledge of hydraulic, chemical and mechanical principles pertinent to water treatment plant operations; thorough knowledge of the occupational hazards of the work and of necessary safety precautions; ability to operate a computer relative to the operation of the plant and troubleshooting malfunctions; ability to detect flaws in the operation of mechanical equipment and to determine proper remedial measures; ability to conduct routine laboratory tests; ability to understand and follow moderately complex oral and written instructions; ability to read meters and charts accurately and to maintain records of shift operations; ability to work in adverse conditions; skill in the use and care of equipment and hand tools.

Minimum and Preferred Qualifications
Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school with considerable experience in utility plant operations, electrical installation and repair and/or work with mechanical systems.
Work in this class in medium to heavy work and my require exposure to various environmental conditions such as heat, cold, rain, and unpleasant surroundings. An employee must have the physical agility to move about freely including climbing stairs and ladders, and crawling into tight spaces. Moderate to heavy lifting is required in performing the work. Visual acuity is necessary to perform paperwork, read gauges, and make repairs. An employee must be able to hear, talk, and smell.
Requires possession of a valid drivers license with an acceptable driving record.
A minimum “C” surface water certification is required at a minimum for all positions in this classification. Higher certifications are required related to the level attained in the career ladder program.
WTF positions are “critical positions,” meaning your are required to report to work during adverse weather or other emergency situations in order to maintain equipment and/or assist the Utility Division in any capacity necessary to continue Town operations.
Requires drug testing and background check (which may include criminal check, education verification, and/or credit history review).
Two years or more of experience in either utility plant operations, water quality analysis, mechanical systems, and/or chemical feed systems.
Agency- Town of Cary
316 N. Academy Street, Human Resources
Cary, North Carolina, 27513
Phone  919-469-4070
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